Priority a ďalšie aktivity Európskej komisie v oblasti smart meters a smart grids

Termín prednášky bol 20.11.2014 od 09:10 - 09:50
V rámci podujatia 4. ročník odbornej konferencie “Smart metering 2014 - ako ďalej…“

Smart grids have the potential to significantly contribute to EU's energy objectives in several directions, including: integration of RES in the European internal market, energy efficiency improvements, consumer empowerment, security of supply. Despite the over € 6 billion invested so far in Europe on Smart Grid projects, the EU is still in the early stages of deployment. For instance, only around 20 % of EU households have some sort of smart meter installed; however, according to Member States' plans, around 72% of EU electricity consumers will get smart metering systems until 2020 (nearly 200m meters) and 40% of gas consumers.

Ensuring that the full potential of smart grids is realized as widely and early as possible across the EU requires a combination of actions and initiatives aimed at evolving smart energy policy, fostering enabling regulatory framework, and providing incentives to innovation and investment.

Commission's actions are from this perspective focusing on:
i.) Developing technical standards for smart grids and meters to ensure interoperability;
ii.) Ensuring data protection, security and resilience in order to guarantee consumer privacy and overall system integrity;
iii.) Providing incentives for smart meters deployment and related distribution grid investments through available relevant European instruments and policies;
iv.) Guaranteeing a competitive retail market and services focused on consumers; and
v.) Providing support to innovation in technologies and systems.

Priority a ďalšie aktivity Európskej komisie v oblasti smart meters a smart grids



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