Resolving Conflicts in the Project Team

Termín prednášky bol 22.10.2013 od 15.00 – 15.20
V rámci podujatia 7. ročník výročnej konferencie eFocus Projektový manažment: „To najlepšie z projektového riadenia“

Prednáška odznie v anglickom jazyku.

Due to the nature of projects, conflicts can arise easily. Disputed responsibilities in matrix organizations, unclear requirements, shared resources and tight deadlines frequently take their toll. Multicultural composition of the project team and stakeholders, as well as virtuality add complexity that can cause misunderstandings or tension. Conflicts and inadequate conflict management can, in turn, lead to project failure. This presentation will give an overview of the most important aspects of conflicts in projects and will show some options how to best manage them. It will also demonstrate that conflicts in projects – if managed well – can contribute to a project's success and that they should, therefore, not be avoided.



Resolving Conflicts in the Project Team



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